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Curved Light


Curved Light is the emerging solo project of Austin’s latest hardware synth composer Peter Tran, who makes his Holodeck Records debut with the new mixtape Channelview. In addition to his natural flair for experimentation, Peter truly shines at crafting pieces with sophistication beyond the standard practice of modular synthesizers. Channelview is expressive and dense, evolving a personal articulation within its electronically engineered voice. This design allows the tone to narrate each composition and makes Curved Light a hallmark for the true authorship of sound.

Originally from the Baltimore/DC area, Tran had several collaborative and solos projects from his stints in both cities. These endeavors lead Peter to build a massive collection of classic synths, keyboards, and effects processors for his home studio. In 2015, Tran moved to Austin and traded in the bulk of his full size instruments for compact, modular synth rigs. With this new equipment and a new city, Peter re-established himself as Curved Light amongst the fertile landscape of the Austin synthwave community.

Channelview is at times propulsive and busy, driven by beautiful sequences and loops that morph and decay from one movement to the next. Other times Peter is pleased to lull the listener into a trance-like state of ambient, New Age bliss. Complacency and order are often subject to complete chaos and destruction with interwoven passages of metallic grinding noise throughout the 8 seamless tracks. Channelview is the latest from a prolific stream of mixtapes over Curved Light’s short but productive history. Tran is able to breathe life into integrated circuits by forming his music out of fundamentally basic sound waves. Using this method, Peter has the ability to fully customize every song element and let his underlying concepts vividly unfold with poetic grace. The unique shape and color of each tone in songs like “Resincast“ and “Goldleaf” dictate the course of rhythm and melody. In this way, Curved Light regards sound design as the essential component of writing music.

Holodeck is proud to release Channelview and add Curved Light to our roster of artists. Peter Tran is an exciting new talent that is poised to make a big impact on the expanding world of synth music.
A3Ondes Erghen
A4Obscured In The Glow / True Wave
A5Vague Terrain
B1Still Lives
B2Quiet Trespass
B3Virdian / Goldleaf
B4Super Rare

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