Damu The Fudgemunk - Public Assembly - Cassette

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With over 8 years in and appearing on over 30 vinyl releases, Damu the Fudgemunk has built a modest following and a collectible catalog. With his latest release, Public Assembly (cover photo shot at the legendary Fat Beats record store in NYC), his label Redefinition Records decided to empower fans with a role in the selection process. Is this a greatest hits? Not quite, but a highlight reel of sorts influenced by carefully analyzed comments in Redef's social networking community, hence the LP title. Many consider, "The Greatest Hits Album" overdue, but for a man who considers "his best work has yet to be released", Public Assembly is the Fudgemunk's artist statement that brings things to date full circle. 10 full length instrumentals from various projects are consolidated into one album. Over half the featured tracks were either never released on vinyl (Hole Up and Streamline instrumentals) or released in limited quantities (Supply Intro). For newcomers, Public Assembly is the full course introduction into Damu the Fudgemunk's vast catalog. For those who have been on board over the years the record connects the dots in one sitting. Either way, with the growing expansions of Damu and Redefinition records, it's safe to assume this won't be last of their projects rallied by the people.