DJ Dez / Andres - x Funk Night - Cassette

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x Funk Night
DJ Dez / Andres
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DJ Dez Make a direct mix of Detroit production by Andres and Funk Night label.

Detroit's prestigious funk label label Funk Night's catalog also shows that Detroit's DJ Dez carefully selected and liked favorite 45s and released a lightning shock with a limited number of cassettes and tapes!

Here is the official mix of Funk Night tied labels by tour member DJ Dez of Slum Village, which boasts a high popularity of all releases under Andres name. By dividing the concept on the "Fast" side that runs through fast-funk full of running performance and Slow-Mid-Funk center "Slow" side on the waist side, A / B side, the charm of Funk Night catalog is conveyed easily , Welcome to Detroit · Funk is finished in one.
The Fast Side
A1–Billy LoveGetcho Mind Right
A2–Gospel Surfers*Jesus
A3–Hanz Mambo + His Cigarettes*Kazoo Bossa
A4–Soul Surfers*Soul Power (06-Mix)
A5–Hanz Mambo + His Cigarettes*Seaweed
A6–Elder William SmithHis Voice
A7–Volcano KpacheOoohh Weee
A8–Will SessionsOff The Line
A9–Penza PenzaRytm 16
A10–Penza PenzaKeep 'Em Rollin'
A11–Billy LoveHarmony
A12–Misha Panfilov Sound ComboEscalator
A13–The Hi-Fidelity Lo-Fidelity'sA+
A14–Penza PenzaKeep 'Em Rollin'
The Slow Side
B1–Volcano KpachePch 76
B2–Coko* W/ Will SessionsRun, Don't Walk Away
B3–The Hi-Fidelity Lo-Fidelity'sHand Clapping Song
B4–Volcano KpachePch 76
B5–The Institute For Experimental Music And Sound ResearchGroove With No Bass
B6–The Soul MotivatorsUntil The Sun Goes Down
B7–Musca W/ Guilty SimpsonGees
B8–I. (4)Another Dub (About Love)
B9–Soul Surfers*We Can Do Some
B10–The M-TetExpress Yourself
B11–Rickey CallowayI'm In Love (Pt 1)
B12–Coko* + Soul Surfers*Lady Lucy
B13–Marcelo De LucaLa Rapina (Lorenzo Morto)