Hernan Cattaneo - Balance Presents Sunsetstrip - 2x LP Vinyl

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Hernan Cattaneo
Balance Presents Sunsetstrip
12" Vinyl


Balance presents Sunsetstrip is the next plateau of concept mixes. Featuring tracks by established, and new producers, such as DAVI, Khen, and more, plus a host of exclusive original collaborations, where you'll transverse multiple genres and tempos, all under the steady hands by one of the most highly regarded DJ in the industry today.

Lovingly referred to as "El Maestro" by his legions of adoring fans, Hernan Cattaneo has, over the last 30 years, carved a career that eclipses all others. Fascinated by the synth-pop and post punk of the '80s, Hernan quickly discovered the futuristic sounds of dance music coming from Detroit and Chicago. Completely consumed by his new-found love, he progressed naturally to DJing. It was his life-changing residency at the epicenter of Argentinian club culture, Clubland in Buenos Aires, that he was catapulted into the global sphere by long-time friend, Paul Oakenfold.

Over the years, his forays into the CD compilation market has enthralled, excited, and energized his fans. From those tentative first steps with Perfecto, through to the golden years of progressive with Renaissance, and then onto his groundbreaking Balance mixes, Hernan has always brought more than just a selection of upfront tracks, and his silky mixing skills. In his own words, Sunsetstrip represents a continuation of his legacy, by marrying his all-encompassing love of the music with his strong work ethic. Painting the perfect sonic tapestry, richly musical nuggets dovetail with consummate ease as El Maestro teases every last drop of emotion from each track. Soon, a malaise of joyous energy hypnotizes you, as you travel with the soulful journeyman into the deepest realms of his imaginations.

Disc two sees Hernan in cruise control -- the more familiar side of his DJing. The opening double from Mike Griego setting the scene well, as rubbery bass, and lightly tribal percussions whisk you off to wonderland. Easily shifting through the gears, things really get going midway as the sun sets and the music takes on a different meaning. Also features Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, Juan Hansen, Bachir Salloum & Memory, Kevin Di Serna & Guhus, Paula Os, Mariano Mellino, Graziano Raffa, Sentre, Colle. Double-LP vinyl sampler includes download code with two full-length mixes.
A1–DAVI (2)Dream On Wheels7:47
A2–Hernan Cattaneo & SoundexileGlide6:37
A3–Juan HansenHiding Sun8:40
B1–Bachir Salloum & Memory (6)Evol7:10
B2–Kevin Di Serna & Guhus4 Meditation7:22
B3–Hernan Cattaneo & SoundexileStimulation7:25
C1–Mike Griego Feat. Paula OsHeadspace7:37
C2–KhenApril Storm7:06
C3–Mariano MellinoThe Old Seawolf (Hernan Cattaneo & Graziano Raffa Remix)7:14
D2–ColleA Forest6:20
D3–Hernan Cattaneo & SoundexileWind Down - Outro4:30