Jamie 3:26 - A Taste Of Chicago - 2x LP Vinyl

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Jamie 3:26
A Taste Of Chicago
12" Vinyl


Hailing from Beverly on the South Side of Chicago, Jamie 3:26 is an artist driven by a deep desire to get people moving in the dance. A Chi-Town vibe is always the focus for the master selector and producer who’s capable of lighting up dance-floors around the world and that ethos shines through on this compilation, featuring a collection of tracks giving listeners a true insight into the sound, culture and style of the Windy City.

The compilation sees classic tracks by the likes of Chip E, Quest and more get a serious Jamie 3:26 twist, with edits that not only capture the best of celebrated eras gone by, but point to the future too. Get ready for a unique and timeless journey into Chicago’s famous house music scene, courtesy of one of the city’s key players.

Jamie 3:26 – “This compilation represents the true unspoken sound of my city. While the House scene was blossoming into what would be a globally recognized phenomenon, we had this whole hidden movement going on. These personal edits that I played back then represent magical moments in time that are still being created in many of my sets today. A huge thank you to my music brothers Marshall Jefferson, Braxton Holmes, Tone B. Nimble, Chip E, Pap Spencer, Doc Brucio, Carl Bias for trusting my ears with your creations.”
A1–BSTCVenus & Mars (Jamie 3:26 Edit)
A2–Mighty ScienceThe Lesson (Doc Brucio’s Original Mix) (Jamie 3:26 Edit)
B1–Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Jamie’s Jungle Sounds Edit)
B2–Quest (9)Mind Games (Underground Mix) (Jamie 3:26 Edit)
C1–Braxton Holmes / Cabrini-Greens And CornbreadStomps N Shouts (Jamie 3:26 Edit)
C2–Chip E*It’s House (Jamie’s Basement Edit)
D–Calendar*Comin’ On Strong (Jamie 3:26 Basement Edit)