Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Lauryn Hill
MTV Unplugged No. 2.0
12" Vinyl


Lauryn Hill's debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, became a critical and commercial blockbuster, which the artist herself, always distrustful of the music business, seems to have found a disorienting experience. She has therefore waited nearly four years to make another album, and the album she has made deliberately flies in the face of the previous one and its reception. Resurrecting the MTV Unplugged program, she has gone before an audience with an acoustic guitar in her hands to sing a new group of songs. But that unadorned approach is only the beginning. Everything about the performance is unpolished. One suspects that she would resist even calling it a performance; "I used to be a performer," she notes at the outset. What she is after, in her life and her music, she explains, is "reality," which means everything from being willing to sing the entire set with a raspy voice because that's the state her voice is in on that day to stopping and starting, going up on the lyrics, and even breaking down in tears. The style naturally places an emphasis on the words to the songs, which reinforce Hill's unvarnished approach, attacking the music business and anyone who wants her to be what's she's not, and witheringly criticizing institutions such as the judicial system ("Mystery of Iniquity"). The songs themselves would not require two discs to contain, but they are alternated by lengthy remarks, one spoken interlude running more than 12 minutes, in which Hill elaborates on the importance of being honest and confronting falsehood. She's usually full of herself, and she's often full of it. But that's okay. The point is the unfinished, unflinching presentation of ideas and of a person. It may not be a proper follow-up to her first album, but it is fascinating.
A2Mr Intentional6:58
A3Adam Lives In Theory7:32
A4Interlude 11:48
A5Oh Jerusalem8:57
B1Interlude 21:20
B2Freedom Time5:03
B3Interlude 33:18
B4I Find It Hard To Say (Rebel)6:52
B5Just Like Water6:07
B6Interlude 41:38
B7Just Want You Around4:45
C1I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind9:16
C2Interlude 512:04
C3Mystery Of Inquity5:23
D1Interlude 61:49
D2I Get Out5:21
D3Interlude 70:15
D4I Remember3:46
D5So Much Things To Say5:51
D6The Conquering Lion3:13

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