Pan Sonic - Lähetys / Transmission (Beyond Space And Time Sampler) - 7" Vinyl

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Pan Sonic
Lähetys / Transmission (Beyond Space And Time Sampler)
7" Vinyl


Beyond Space And Time is the new record label from Japanese music festival Rainbow Disco Club (RDC). RDC has been welcoming music-loving people to Japan for over a decade. Throughout the festival's history, the organizers have been fortunate to collaborate with amazing performers and DJs who've provided a beautiful dance floor year in, year out. These relationships have lead RDC to start their own label, and they are now given the opportunity to reveal one of the best-kept secrets: what is in a DJ's record bag? This time around, festival regular DJ Nobu kindly opens up his collection, and shares the music he loves with us all. On visual duty we welcome Senekt -- his representational yet contemporary drawing illustrates the emotion one feels from DJ Nobu. DJ Nobu selects Pan Sonic's epic "Lähetys/Transmission," for this limited one-sided 7". It is the first time this track has been released on vinyl. The release is meant as a preview to the forthcoming compilation from DJ Nobu -- a voyage that navigates much of his musical background, and includes his all-time favorites. DJ Nobu describes the track this way: "electronic music has existed for decades, and if you are to choose some of the best from all scattered & hidden pieces, Pan Sonic's 'Lähetys/Transmission' must be considered. The track emerges beautifully -- breaking structures and transcending the past. Every layer of the piece is produced with such delicacy and care, that as a whole it magically drags you into the world of the unknown."
A Lähetys / Transmission

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