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Kook Kontrol
The Kooky Scientist


First CD release in ten years from the legendary Fred Giannelli, a.k.a. the Kooky Scientist. His last album, Unpopular Scientist was released on Plus 8 in 1997. "Recorded live in San Francisco, CA on 2 December 2006 @ the EndUp. Brought out to San Francisco by the Kontrol Krew, The Kooky Scientist was able to play again in San Francisco for the first time in 12 years. Old friend Monte Cazazza who coined the term 'industrial' for the industrial music genre, came by the hotel early in the day to hang out and catch up. A walk around the city and long 12 hour conversation put Giannelli in a strange mood that night. A night that resulted in the best live recording of The Kooky Scientist to date. Giannelli was so pleased with the recording that he decided to release it officially on his new imprint, Telepathica Communication. Including many unreleased tracks and some familiar tracks in very different live interpretations, Kook Kontrol is a special live document. It is one continuous live mix. There are no IDs between titles. Each track flows into the next like a DJ mix would, seamlessly, with the help of the revolutionary software, Ableton Live. Recorded in one take in front of a large crowd, there was no room for mistakes. The only edits that had to be done were to fit the performance onto CD. One at the beginning while audio levels were being set, and one at the end when the next artist was fading in his sounds. There was also no audio processing done to the final mix. What you hear is what the dancefloor audience got that night. From the satirical artwork hijacked from a certain group both Giannelli and Cazazza used to be involved with, to the sardonic track titles, Kook Kontrol will surely cause face lifts and other unnecessary cosmetic surgeries to fail.