About Us

about-us.jpgEar Candy was founded in 1997 in Missoula, MT. Over the years, we've
done a little (or a lot) of almost everything - we're a community
center, we have an absurd amount of event production and venue
management under our belts, avidly attend and sponsor music festivals,
dj, play in bands, occasionally put out records, and even host the odd
in-store performance. We sell a wide variety of records to people all
over the world on a daily basis, and specialize in hip hop, funk & soul,
disco, many kinds of electronic music (house, drum & bass, idm,
breaks/electro, global bass, etc), reggae & dub, turntablist tools, and
much more.

We still have a physical shop - we've managed to keep it open by the grace of being in Missoula, a town full of enthusiastic (and extremely diverse) music lovers. For those within driving distance, we offer discounts on our website pricing for in-store pick up. 

We offer two things, both also due to the grace of being in Missoula - a huge, diverse selection of high quality music (the likes of which you won't find anywhere else), and exceptional customer service, small town-style, with your satisfaction our highest priority.

We love buying direct! If you're a label or artist and we already stock a bunch of your stuff, we would love the chance to purchase directly from you. One of the reasons we have the selection we do is because we actively buy direct from a wide variety of labels and artists. The friends we make this way and the selection we've built because of those relationships have been some of the best parts of our journey so far, for real. 

Thank you so much for your business! we appreciate it - we know you have choices, and without your support none of this would exist.