10 Foot Ganja Plant - 10 Deadly Shots Vol.2 - LP Vinyl

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10 Deadly Shots Vol.2
10 Foot Ganja Plant
12" Vinyl
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Colored Vinyl version! 2011 saw the Plant grow by leaps & bounds and is now ready to grow to new heights, with the release of Volume II in the ongoing instrumental-only Deadly Shots series, "10 Deadly Shots Vol. II". A secret West Coast Cessna lands and the start of a special weekend begins. It's time to dust off the vintage equipment and instruments. The day starts with a tape machine calibration to +6 250nWb. The Gibson Super 400 plucks a bass line as the drums make a drop. The Hammond growls in the space as the Jazzmaster links with the piano to set the pulse; all the while the Hofner thumps a melody down low. This record was recorded on 1975 MCI JH-16 tape machine. The tracks were all mixed on a Trident 80B console with various spring reverbs and tape echo devices where they met with 1/4 inch tape machine that was then delivered to Kevin Metcalfe for mastering in London. This is the making of very special record featuring longtime friend THE AGGROLITES keyboard king Roger Rivas! "10 Deadly Shots Vol.II".

1. Rooftop Duel
2. The Challenge
3. Asking Hand
4. Invincible Butcher
5. Fist Of Yuen Kay-San
6. Death Waiver
7. Funeral Of The Master
8. Red Boat Opera
9. One Inch Punch
10. Return Of The Prodigal Son