23hz & Numaestro - Al-Andalus - 12" Vinyl

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23hz & Numaestro
12" Vinyl


The new label Iberian Records -- based in Lisbon and Barcelona -- has as its principal objectives the release of 'bass music' -- dubstep, grime, toxic dancehall, kuduro, techno dub, dub and similar styles -- and the nurturing and promotion of a nucleus of local and international producers. A1 -- 'Andalus' is a perfect example of the Mediterranean sound being developed by 23Hz + Numaestro. Starting with a vocal sample from Moroccan music, the introduction is joined by an accordion type riff -- curiously sounding not too dissimilar to Augusto Pablo's distinctive melodica sound -- which leads to the drop. Here a massive sub-bass with stabbing mid-frequencies enters the fray, which drives the track along with skanking half-step beats which have plenty of spring-reverbed snares and slicing hats. The heavily effected sampled voice is placed in the mix to give extra atmosphere, while the opening riff leads us to a semi-drop which leaves just the sub before proceeding to a false drop before the riff and sample are introduced once again which finally take the track into its homestretch. This track oozes distinctive character and is guaranteed to smash the dancefloor as well as providing a deep meditative vibe. Road tested by Numaestro on dubplate, it has levelled dances right across Spain and beyond, as well as being picked up by many of the DJs on Sub FM and figuring in many of the top tens of DJs in the dubstep community over recent months. You are advised not to sleep on this one! 'Praise Dub' -- starting with a vocal sample from Algerian music -- a short introduction leads to the drop. Then a rampaging descending scale bass line comes into play, set against tight-stepping swinging beats. This track is built round the b-line and beats which are given junglesque details. High strings and atmospheric FX, together with the vocal sample, are spliced into the tune to give texture. The tune works through another drop and then proceeds to a breakdown. After which the bass line is reversed -- designed to surprise the dancefloor -- before returning to the original groove and final climax. This is an exercise in energetic bass n' beats, referencing early jump-up jungle (without any of its predictable excesses) and two-step swing -- given the trademark 23Hz+Numaestro Mediterranean twist.