Ada Kaleh - Chemare Cosmica - 12" Vinyl

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Ada Kaleh
Chemare Cosmica
12" Vinyl


Chemare cosmică is inspired by a literal and metaphorical trip to the Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park, where a camping expedition with two friends led to some mystic experiences.

"We arrived quite late, so we put our tent somewhere quiet, near a small river, set up a little campfire, cracked a couple of beers open, rolled a joint, and enjoyed the view we had of the Milky Way," Cuculea recalls. "The next day we ventured into the mountains, munching on the mushrooms as we went. They soon started to mess with our perception of time, adding new dimensions to our reality. There was nobody else but us on the mountains, which made us feel like all the energy of the place ran through us only. Suddenly we saw a gorgeous valley ahead, so we decided to scrap the previous route we planned and just went towards it. It felt like we were approaching an elvish land when we were welcomed by three beautiful mares."

This was the ancestral valley, which inspired the B-side of the release called "Valea ancestrală," the Romanian translation of "ancestral valley." The track draws the listener in with a percolating main synth riff that burbles along like a winding mountain stream, underpinned by the pulsing rhythm and swirling lysergic synth washes that oscillate through the track like vapour trails.

Deciding to change route and go towards another climb, one of Cuculea's friends sensed the presence of a viper ahead, so they returned down to the valley and explored another route. "Soon we were on the cliffs again, and on the opposite slope we saw an ancient woman holding the mountain together, which sparked talks about the universe and the female energy holding everything in her universal hands, religion, duality, finite, and infinite planes of existence," Cuculea adds. This became the inspiration for the A-side, "Chemare cosmică," Romanian translation of "cosmic call." It provides a more stripped-back vibe.
A1Chemare Cosmica9:21
B1Valea Ancestrala8:57

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