Ahnnu - World Music & Perception - 2x LP Vinyl

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World Music & Perception
12" Vinyl


2LP containing Ahnnu's two albums World Music and Perception, both released by Leaving Records. This double album release includes previously cassette-only World Music remixes feat. Matthewdavid, Andrew Pekler, Nerftoss, Fumitake Tamura aka Bun, and EMV.

For his first ever offering on vinyl, Leaving Records presents "World Music / Perception" in a stunning gatefold double LP package. World Music introduces a series of themes which represent various styles and likenesses adopted in Ahnnu's growth as a sound artist living in the digital age. In respect to environment, Ahnnu creates a body of sound-work that is transient in nature. Each track is arranged as separate entities and are holistic in the sense that they are intended to inspire an experience of indifference within a space of perpetual sonic motion. "World Music" describes the continuous sensory shift of both meditative neglect and cognitive sophistication when active within a (digitally) connected culture.

Perception finds Ahnnu tampering with volume, pitch, and rhythm in the midst of the shivering hum that drives the album forward while camouflaging its detail. The album moves at an almost unnoticeable pace, but it's filled with delicious rhythms, like the scrambled marching drum of "Scaling," the flickering pulse of "Intercept," and the dust-flecked loops on "Elastic." These percussive tracks carve a form for the ambient subtleties that seem to have the most impact due to their length and timbre. This is wonderfully refined on "The Racer" or even "Anneal," with its transitory exhalations and crumpled echo.
A1 Gala
A2 Shame
A3 Solo
A4 Ghille in the Mist
A5 Relative Research
A6 Ballast
A7 Non2
A8 Reversology
A9 Found
A10 Mirror
A11 Paia
A12 Monica Swept
B1 Found (Fumitake Tamura (Bun) rmx)*
B2 Solo (EMV rmx)*
B3 Reversology (Andrew Pekler “Mysteryology” rmx)*
B4 (Lost and) Found (Nerftoss rmx)*
B5 Gala (Matthewdavid rmx)*
C1 Scaling
C2 Informant
C3 The Racer
C4 Pincer Movement
C5 Elastic
D1 Multibody
D2 Portrait Act
D3 Anneal
D4 Intercept
D5 Sugar In The Dark

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