Aloe Blacc - Femme Fatale - 7" Vinyl

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Femme Fatale
Aloe Blacc
7" Vinyl
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Epic soul cover of The Velvet Undergrounds classic cut. Produced by Leon Michels & Jeff Dynamite for Truth & Soul / El Michels Affair. The B Side is the instrumental. The first-generation American offspring of Panamanian parents, Aloe has become what writer and activist Amiri Baraka (nee Leroi Jones) once said of John Coltrane. He is a singular scope of feeling...a more fixed traveler who has found cohesion in art and life. At the heart of this musical character is a recession-age Robin Hood, whose goal is to sell and profit from his wares with hope of freeing the less fortunate from the capitalist system that serves as both their oppressor and his motivation. A 2001 graduate of the University of Southern California, Aloe credits a myriad of influences--transcendentalist scholars Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, French existentialism, Oprah Winfrey, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West--with leading him from the inner streams of consciousness he possessed as an MC early in his career, to a more disciplined approach to songwriting, and now, the desire to affect change and induce compassion by way of his own success. It is his grand scheme, which, not coincidentally, is also the name of his backing band (The Grand Scheme). The key is compromise and understanding the power of popular art. Aloe is willing to put the gloves on and engage in the marketplace. Good things lie ahead.
A Femme Fatale 3:56
Composed By - Lou Reed
B Instrumental 3:56