Amon Tobin - Foley Room - 2x LP Vinyl+DVD

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Foley Room
Amon Tobin
12" Vinyl


"Following on from his Splinter Cell excursion, Ninja Tunes Brazilian beat-monger has looked to the minutiae of the animal kingdom to provide the backbone for his music - taking bestial field recordings and sending them through all manner of processing power until the end result is reached. What this end result consists of is essentially sound design without the weary 'cerebral' caveat, as the pitter-patter of insects and a whole zoo of noise rub shoulders with string quartets and cask-aged beats. Opening through the nervous strings of 'Bloodstone', Tobin sets some gorgeous piano melodies on a warped journey into humming electronics and a grand finale of beats that whip up a golden frenzy that is wide-screen and then some. Keeping the field recording elements in 20/20 vision throughout, Tobin then moves on to 'Horse Fish' wherein random scales and singular tones are dragged from a harp and reassembled into a piquant melody, whilst the title track takes a swarm of insects and relocates them within a dripping tap of silicon sources. Flitting between samples whose providence is clear one minute and shrouded the next, tracks like 'Keep Your Distance', 'At The End Of The Day', 'Ever Falling' and 'Big Furry Head' all rattle along with considerable gusto and never suffer from ideas getting in the way of good music.
A1 Bloodstone 4:13
Featuring - Kronos Quartet
A2 Esther's 3:21
A3 Keep Your Distance 4:48
B1 The Killer's Vanilla 4:14
B2 Kitchen Sink 4:49
B3 Horsefish 5:07
C1 Foley Room 3:37
C2 Big Furry Head 3:22
C3 Ever Falling 3:49
D1 Always 3:39
D2 Straight Psyche 6:49
D3 At The End Of The Day 3:18