Ana Da Silva - The Lighthouse LP - 12" Vinyl

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The Lighthouse LP
Ana Da Silva
12" Vinyl


Ana Da Silva was once the lead singer in grunge frontrunners The Raincoats and saw herself getting referenced as inspiration by everyone from laughing boy Kurt Cobain through to Sonic Youth. Thankfully for us she's decided to leave her baggy jumper days behind her and instead focus the creative energies on a fusion of folk, elecro(nica) and multi instrumentation which is both digitally smooth and wonkily organic without any of the contradictions that should imply. 'The Lighthouse' opens with 'Friend', a beautifully choral combination of Da Silva's breathy, multi-tracked echoing vocals and rustic electronica which coalesces to create an ineluctable declaration that is further reinforced through the etiolated longuers of 'Two Windows Over the Wings'. With a vocal style that bears obvious comparisons with Bjork ('Hospital Window') and The Concrete's Victoria Bergsman ('The Lighthouse'), Da Silva has a light and breezy voice which belies it's ability to soar when the subject matter requires or, as on 'In Awe of a Painting', take on a dead-pan urgency. The inclusion of the previously released 'In Awe of a Painting' shows that Da Silva has no intention of being lumped in with the folktronica movement, as a pulsing electronic rattle that could quite reasonably be from a Tigerbeat compilation pounds over her intonation of "all I want to do is dream" and, barring one near miss in terms of sounding like Enya ('Climbing Walls'), it would be a dream worth having

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