Anders Ilar - Nightwidth - 12" Vinyl

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Anders Ilar's output has spanned a gamut of electronic styles, from the dubwise techno explorations for Echochord, via the blissful ambience of "Everdom" through to the deeper abstractions of his pieces. Narita's brief as ever was to keep things down, deep and dirty - Anders has delivered! "Radius" opens up proceedings with the faintest stutter and a click, the bassdrum finds its balance and the scene is set for some rambunctious darkside techno - no prisoners here - just an unremitting dancefloor killer. "Rourei" is perhaps even more direct, eschewing even the slightest bodyswerve in favour of a punishing four four regime with sub-bass to die for, topped with a spooked soundtrack vapour of trauma and whispers. "A Day Ago" begins rotating around a subtle thump and a whirling motif which allows harmony and an almighty classic techno riff to land centre stage almost unnoticed, certainly unsuspected. The kind of open-ended melodic figure which has seen droves hammering on the door of Mathew Jonson for tunes - Ilar here shows us all how it should be done. "Dawn" allows the customary fourth track cool-down zone for Narita artists tuckered out after the first three tunes - Ilar summons up something suitably special - a lighter spun variation on the monsoon squalls of Chain Reaction, yet more bitter than the cologne pop ambient confections.

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