Andrea Parker/Morley - Game Over - 12" Vinyl

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Game Over
Andrea Parker/Morley
12" Vinyl


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At long last Ms Parker and Mr Morley re-unite to follow up on the genius that was their simply mighty "Angular Art" EP from a few years back - a true Pneck classic! Fresh and fat the a-side `Game Over' comes in strong and minimal with every noise and drum given its own space and arranged almost to perfection, the opening dark drums come complete with massive reverb and set the stage for the serious subbass and 808 drums that drop in perfect sync, the creepy atmosphere that permeates the track is complimented by sonar sounds and detuned synth samples on show, a serious electro excursion that'll wake a few heads up to Touchin' Bass. Flip over for `Uninvited' machine samples and an almost stuttered feel to the beat which enhances the groove of the track, 808 drums grace the track, with orchestral string samples and pitched effects flipping in over the top, and a sample that sounds suspiciously like the sliding doors from Star Trek, all this is joined by some heavy subbass and very subtle notes added to orchestral samples building the track up and to it flow that little bit more generously. Lastly `Early Days' is exactly what it says on the tin, 80's electro drums with that tinny reverb reproduced superbly with nearly the whole array of early Roland drums used for good measure, I can hear the 808 toms and conga's over the layered claps and snares, joined by what sounds like the 626 percussion, which will be a lesson to anyone who isnt aware of early electro productions, with a little acid line that appears wrapping the track and 12" up, an outstanding release from Andrea and David, check!!