Andrew Bayer - In My Last Life - 2x LP Vinyl

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In My Last Life
Andrew Bayer
12" Vinyl


“Trance” is a word predominantly associated with Anjunabeats family member Andrew Bayer. His impeccable productions under his own name, and other projects like Signalrunners, made him an adored act early on. Not much time passed following his discovery by Above & Beyond for them to tap his expertise for countless of their recent productions. His brilliance in all things dancefloor-oriented is impossible to deny. However, the Berklee graduate and skilled sound designer is so much more than his visible surface.

In 2013, he offered the most in-depth exploration of his creativity in If It Were You, We’d Never Leave. The release was a bold move — stunned reactions ensued when his classic 4/4 formulas were completely ditched in favor of experimental shades of electronica and ambient that were considerably more difficult to digest and understand. His willingness to go all in with this concept and expand upon something he’d only offered crumbs of in the past ended up being met with the acclaim it deserved — once properly consumed by audiences.

One could argue that Andrew Bayer shines his brightest in album form, when given unbridled creative freedom. He creates meaningful and impactful moments within the folds of eclectic terrain, and tells a tale of personal exploration through diverse stylings. This phenomenon holds true in his latest album, In My Last Life — his third to date. The LP bears a more similar aesthetic to its predecessor in that it embraces primarily the experimental side of his artistry. That said, it doesn’t disappoint in standing completely on its own as a reflection of where Bayer is currently at in his musical journey.
A1Tidal Wave
A2Love You More
B1Open End Resource
B2Hold On To You
C1In My Last Life
C2Immortal Lover
D1Your Eyes
D2End Of All Things