Avatism - Adamant - 2x LP Vinyl

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12" Vinyl


"For over 12 months Thomas Feriero aka Avatism has been staying at home and working on his album. He moved to Berlin to work on it and now sadly he is moving back to Milan. Adamant is a glimpse into how a city shapes a life and how intrinsically life then shapes music. It's less than two years since his first gig, yet in that time he's managed to craft killer EPs on Vakant and Dumb-Unit, collaborate with Clockwork and Mind Against (who both make appearances on the album) play diverse shows including Sónar by Night, and generally had a really good run at it all. While many would be content simply continuing on this already exciting path, Thomas decided that Adamant was a chance to explore other forms of writing, production and collaboration, and imposed strict conditions so that this album would evolve differently than his earlier works. 'I imposed mandates on myself while making it: the tracks (the music, at least) had to be written in a day. 'Written,' not mixed, arranged or produced, simply written, and even though I was convinced the album was going into a different/wrong direction approximately 292,829 times while making it, I decided to follow through on all the musical parts that I developed in these one-day cycles.' This is an album that exudes a depth and immediacy, the restrictions and exile only strengthening Thomas' depth and detailing. The uncertainty, the melancholy, the general studio stink now neatly wrapped into a glittering whole that we're pretty confident the world will enjoy." --Jeremy P. Caulfield

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