B. Fleischmann - Angst - 12" Vinyl

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B. Fleischmann
12" Vinyl


Morr Music releases another record by their old Viennese friend B. Fleischmann. Two genuine and touching farewell songs are the beacons of light on this record, and, even more than The Humbucking Coil, Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung! has made its way from sound to songwriting. Still the sounds come tumbling out of the hard disk and one can hear fingers screwing on regulators. And yet these nine tracks are of a distinct corporeity and spatiality; for instance, when Marilies Jagsch or Sweet William Van Ghost lend their voices for two wonderful moments each. The productive feedback between Vienna and Berlin, between Bernhard Fleischmann and Thomas Morr started with Pop Loops For Breakfast nine years ago. With Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung!, Bernhard Fleischmann arrives at a carefully-set wooden table, arranged in a warm and glowing sunset. The aromas are darker and more wholehearted now. The groove box of former times has vanished almost entirely -- only within the congenial embrace of Bernhard Fleischmann's "Phones & Machine" (The Humbucking Coil) and Daniel Johnston's "King Kong" can it still be traced. Regardless of the change in tune, these sounds won't pass you by -- they swing on to the next morning, stroll through the streets with you, drift as an echo from the houses' walls; sometimes as a slow dub, sometimes as an intimate ballad. These are sounds that tumble and dance.
1 Hello (2:53)
Lyrics By, Vocals - Sweet William Van Ghost
2 24.12. (3:48)
Vocals - Marilies Jagsch , Sweet William Van Ghost
3 Last Time We Met At A T&TT Concert (6:11)
Guitar [Additional] - Christian Dolezal
4 In Trains (3:54)
Guitar [Additional] - Christian Dolezal Vocals - Marilies Jagsch , Sweet William Van Ghost
5 Still See You Smile (3:41)
Vocals - B. Fleischmann
6 Phones, Machines And King Kong (5:44)
Arranged By [Rearranged] - Christof Kurzmann Music By, Arranged By [Rearranged] - B. Fleischmann Music By, Lyrics By [King Kong], Vocals [King Kong] - Daniel Johnston
7 The Market (5:31)
8 Playtime (8:32)
9 Even Your Glasses Miss Your Eyes (14:37)
Vocals - B. Fleischmann