B. Fleischmann - I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet - LP Vinyl

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I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet
B. Fleischmann
12" Vinyl


LP version. "Bernhard Fleischmann, or rather B.Fleischmann deals with some difficult topics such as mortality, ticking clocks, the elusiveness of all existence and "extinction" on his album I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet. This time, the Austrian multi-instrumentalist focuses more on the vocals, and for the first time he does all the singing himself. He sings about the transient nature of existence on the forward-bouncing "Tomorrow," a track about eternal postponement. This album is an honest survey by a man who looks into the future, a man who's trying to translate the lemmings' suicidal longing for freedom into rather wild and yet more comprehensible instrumental terms. "Who emptied the river?" he asks between pounding beats and rectangular guitar bits, followed by a line we get to hear more than once on this LP: "Don't follow me." Fleischmann is a musician who's breaking new sonic ground with each track: at one point, he has a call & response conversation with a bunch of vocal samples, discovered on ancient language course LPs, with himself taking on various abstract characters from virtues to mortal sins. Whereas this new album is generally more about beats, rhythms, percussive elements and pushing things onward, resulting in a vibe that feels rather rough around the edges, there are also mellower tracks such as "At Night the Fox Comes," which makes for just the right balance between sonic experiment and proper song structures. Of course, we all know that one day we'll have to make our last exit.

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