Babe Roots - Be Still / Rawness - 7" Vinyl

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Be Still / Rawness
Babe Roots
7" Vinyl


Babe Roots are a relatively young duo from Turin, Italy, making a unique brand of atmospheric, techno-infused dubwise. On our radar since their splendid debut 7” on Rohs! Records in early 2016, we are very pleased to invite them into the ZamZam fold with two mesmerizing and contrasting tunes.

“Be Still” is a deeply meditative yet driving dub techno trek in classic fashion, featuring rastaman Kojo Neatness intoning on righteous living, working the land, guarding the tongue, and avoiding Babylonian schemes and traps laid by the wicked. Maternal bass and shimmering reverbs envelop a heartbeat rhythm of kick, shaker and distant snares for a timeless vibe that shows mastery of the idiom while updating it for contemporary sound systems.

“Rawness” is an extraordinarily deep 140 journey that opens with rich pads and swirling atmospherics, creating a psychoactive ambience that builds into a steady kick. The full riddim hits and plunges us even deeper with restrained, syncopated drums and percussion. Churning bass powers us through the dense, hallucinatory fog as tendrils of electricity probe and zap, and serrated snares cut through the tape haze and studio clouds in the last third. Carving out a gorgeous edge between deep dubstep and dub techno, “Rawness” hits all the marks and will find a home in a huge range of sets.

Mastered by Sam Precise. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. Limited to 600 copies for the world. No digital, no repress.

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