Barry Brown - I'm Still Waiting - LP Vinyl

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I'm Still Waiting
Barry Brown
12" Vinyl


LP version. Radiation Roots present a reissue of Barry Brown's I'm Still Waiting, originally released in 1983. Roots reggae star Barry Brown has a readily identifiable vocal style that has long made him among the most preferred of many roots reggae fans. Drawing largely from the blueprint provided by Horace Andy, but changing that into something all his own through a unique form of vocal phrasing, interspersed with ad-hoc slurs, Brown was initially discovered through the many amateur talent contests that fringed his west Kingston ghetto neighborhood during the early 1970s; he was also making an impact at the same time by performing live on local sound systems. Several different producers have claimed to have been the first to record him, but it is undeniable that Brown had strong links with Sugar Minott's Black Roots collective, and some of Brown's very first recordings were released by Sugar, both in Jamaica and overseas. The exceptionally rare album I'm Still Waiting was released in 1983 by Rocktone International, a spin-off of Sugar's Black Roots outfit, based in Queens, New York, with a further branch in Toronto (which reportedly closed just prior to the album's release). As noted on the original sleeve, the musicians featured on the disc include Milo T, Snappin, Badness, Flowers, and Drummie, while Mr. Brown is on fine form throughout.
A1Happy Memories
A2Leader Of The Massive
A3No More Sugar
A4Sitting In The Park
B1Conversation Slip Away
B2Me No Easy
B3Head A-Go-Roll
B4Ital Rock

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