Bass Communion - s/t RSD - 2x LP Vinyl

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s/t RSD
Bass Communion
12" Vinyl


2018 Record Store Day release. Hidden Art Recordings present a reissue of the debut Bass Communion album as a double-LP for the first time. Steven John Wilson, aka Bass Communion, on the record: "The first Bass Communion album was originally released in April 1998 by Third Stone, the same label later reissuing it under their Hidden Art Recordings imprint. It was compiled from musical experiments made during a period spanning 1994-97, all of which might loosely be termed ambient. Later on I would spend a lot more time on Bass Communion, often refining structures, processing, and sound combinations over a period of months, but at this point I was making each piece of music within only a few hours and rarely revisiting them afterwards. Several DAT tapes with filled in this way, while CDRs of various track listings were made and passed on to friends, record labels, and anyone that I thought might be receptive to the music. When the chance eventually came to release the first official CD, I listened back to the several hours of material I had accumulated by then and selected what I felt were the highlights to make a five-track disc lasting just over an hour.

In retrospect it's the long version of 'Drugged' that makes the album worthwhile for me. The other pieces are perhaps less successful, but I learned something from all of them. One thing the album has in common with later Bass Communion music is that hardly any electronic sources are used, the pieces are mostly derived from processing 'real' instruments such as guitar, saxophone, piano, organ, percussion... etc. 'No News Is Good News' was recorded in 2000 in collaboration with virtuoso oud player Naseer Shamma, and originally used a background music for Grant Wakefield's audio documentary album The Fire This Time, issued in 2002. As such it dates from a few years after the rest of BC1, but as it's the only other title to have been issued on Hidden Art, it's been included here as a bonus track."

Comes on 180 gram vinyl and in a gatefold sleeve. Remastered and with exclusive liner notes by Steven Wilson. Includes a bonus track not on the CD version and brand-new artwork. Edition of 1000
BSleep Etc.13:28
C1Orphan Coal10:04
C2No News Is Good News8:15