Billy Swivs - Time Is Not On My Side (Picture Sleeve) - 7" Vinyl

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Billy Swivs
Time Is Not On My Side (Picture Sleeve)
7" Vinyl
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After helping lay the groundwork for what would become THE BUDOS BAND, Billy formed the highly influential yet oft-overlooked power pop group THE REALISTICS, who alongside comrades THE MOONEY SUZUKI, helped create the early-00s NYC scene and sound that would become best known for third-wave acts like THE STROKES. Following a short stint playing keys with BRENDAN BENSON of THE RACONTEURS, and a few tours with his brotherʼs band PAUL & THE TALL TREES, Swivs landed a gig playing Hammond organ with CHARLES BRADLEYʼs Extraordinaires; which led to recording a game-changing LP with his psychedelic doo-wop, family affair THE SHA LA DAS.

Five self-released, lo-fi albums later, Swivs decided it was time to get back in a studio with his longtime friends/collaborators TOMMY ʻTNTʼ BRENNECK and THE BUDOS BAND to hammer out these two bonafide gems! With the swing of early punk and a dash of panache, “TIME IS NOT ON MY SIDE” is an autobiographical rally cry with a hook that grabs you by the lapels and doesnʼt let go! The flip “BABY, IʼM YOUR CLOWN” ratchets up the mod-prowess to deliver a hook-laden masterpiece a la The Small Faces and the like. But donʼt get yer ascots in a bunch–Billy Swivs ainʼt no revival act ... Heʼs the real deal with the now sounds. DIG IT!
A Time Is Not On My Side
BBaby, I'm Your Clown