Black Flag - Last Show - Live In Detroit 6/27/86 - LP Colored Vinyl

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Black Flag
Last Show - Live In Detroit 6/27/86
12" Vinyl


colored vinyl version, comes in black print jacket tho - On this day in 1986, iconic punk-rockers Black Flag performed what was set to be their last performance of their initial run.

Formed in 1976 by Greg Ginn, the Californian punk rockers made a name for themselves by performing countless shows over the next ten years, and gaining a reputation as one of the most confronting and dangerous bands of the time.

Following Henry Rollins joining the group in 1981 and becoming arguably the group’s most famous member, the band experienced an increased level of popularity that would see them cited as one of the most important punk bands of the ’80s.

However, following years of tensions between band members and living in relative poverty while touring on the road, the band decided to break up the band, performing their last gig at Detroit’s Graystone Hall in the US state of Michigan on June 27th, 1986.

While it was intended to be the band’s final performance, a number of sporadic reunions would occur over the years until 2013, when the band officially reformed for a new album and world tour, though only Greg Ginn remained from the original lineup.

1 Retired at 21
2 Annihilate This Week
3 Bastard in Love
4 Drinking and Driving
5 Paralyzed
6 In My Head
7 White Hot
8 Black Love
9 Society's Tease
10 This is Good
11 I Can See You
12 Gimme Gimme Gimmie

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