Black Past - Pitch Black - 12" Vinyl

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Pitch Black
Black Past
12" Vinyl


Dangerous Age is a new label from John Elliott (Emeralds, Imaginary Softwoods, etc.). These are the last copies of this limited edition of 300 copies; housed in a thick reverse matte finish jacket featuring the best album art of the year. "Black Past is the musical solo vision of Cleveland based musician Gregory Boyd. Pitch Black is his debut statement and Dangerous Age 001. Alternatively titled A Soundtrack for a Deranged Motorcyclist, Pitch Black is a bleak narrative pulling no punches. Utilizing an array of drums, percussion, synthesizers, guitars, and other various sound making devices, Boyd creates a damaged repertoire of haunted motorik songs and ghosted void stasis. There is an intensity and mystery buried in these tracks that keep you hooked throughout and coming back for more as you peel back each hidden layer to find new messages and meanings not obvious upon your first encounter. 'Blown Out Mind' kicks the record off with it's repetitive, drum clatter on the fringes of disaster and in-the-red synth leads. The track snow balls and collapses into 'Brain Trouble', a blitzing and disarming hypnotic grey cloud. 'EG&S (Mood Ring)' will launch you into the heart of the Pitch Black concept while 'A Dark Ride Into the Sun' rounds out the record with heavy analog riffing and dusty light waves. Bizarre fidelities resonate throughout which perplex with old school, truly D.I.Y., private basement session sound.
A1 Blown Out Mind
A2 Brain Trouble
A3 Girls
A4 Kurt
B1 EG&S (Mood Ring)
B2 Shook Hands With Fame
B3 Ropes
B4 A Dark Ride Into The Sun