Blessed Initiative - Blessed Initiative - LP Vinyl

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Blessed Initiative
Blessed Initiative
12" Vinyl


LP version. Blessed Initiative is a project by Yair Elazar Glotman which suggests a dissonant, coexistent state of extreme highs and lows. This self-titled album attempts to articulate a mental state of simultaneity, in which equilibrium is fleeting, fragile, and its scarcity is embraced. Opposite states coincide, contrast, and reflect, creating moments of uncertainty and insecurity. Absurdity, and at times even bliss, are possible results in the attempt to channel anxiety into creative forces rather than debilitating ones.

In an environment where personas are the sums of the images they project, sounds are also no longer evidence of invention but of ever-changing combination, curation, and editing. The final persona is a sum of the chosen and the deleted, as well as what may be projected from outside, creating a confusing and conflicted self. The sounds collected here are attempts to compose on these uncertain grounds, and to reflect the anxiety released in all these sources meeting and interaction.

As a singular project, Blessed Initiative stops to comment on the conditions that inform Glotman's composition before and after it, and to acknowledge it as a non-linear, ongoing process. The focus on process and uncertainty is apparent in the album's phrasing, re-articulation and cycles of repetition and deviation. The pieces were composed from sounds generated on the KYMA system, personal foley recordings, as well as tape manipulations techniques. Minor sounds on major scales and micro-tonal tuning suggest an ambiguous harmonic sphere. These were then integrated within idiosyncratic rhythmic structures, at times integrating real spaces and resonating bodies, as reverb and augmented echo chambers.

Concrete, almost-recognizable organic sounds contrast with these abstract spaces and connect them to tactile experiences. These textures and structures are a palette that reforms and deforms as it cycles throughout the album. The photographic series "Relax (blue)", 2004, by the artist Josephine Pryde was chosen for the album's cover. The two images represent a closed cycle of energy and unfulfilled release. Yair Elazar Glotman is a classically trained musician and sound artist based in Berlin whose previous works on Subtext include the LP Études (SUB 013LP, 2015) and a collaboration with James Ginzburg titled Nimbes (SUB 012EP, 2014).

A1 Vile Value 4:31
A2 Jazz As Commodity 4:09
A3 Out With The Old, In With The New Flesh 4:10
A4 Xanax Interlude (Relax) 2:27
B1 Delirium Juice & Taste Of Jewelry 5:04
B2 As Cyber Shaming May Be 4:55
B3 The Elite/Reform, Deform 0:23
B4 Borderline Spamming 3:34