Bobby & Blumm - Everybody Loves.. - LP Vinyl

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Everybody Loves..
Bobby & Blumm
12" Vinyl


LP version with fold-out poster lyric sheet. Bobby and Blumm is Sweden's Ellinor Blixt (aka Bobby Baby) and Germany's F.S. Blumm, and this is their debut release for the Morr Music label. Bobby tours with her band It's A Musical! and as Bobby Baby and manages a pop-camp for teenage girls in Sweden and Germany. Frank Schultge Blumm has been releasing records since 1998. His first full-length solo album came out on Morr Music in 2001 (Mondkuchen), and he is an author and producer of radio-plays. Their debut recording features voices and pickings, guitar, keyboard, Swedish bag and other biscuits. B&B try to give the wide world of pop some little turns and unexpected changes with hiss and rustle, dreamy sound, soft and fragile voices, purity and warmth. Everybody Loves... was recorded 50km north of Berlin in a little house at the edge of the forest in a room with wooden walls and as a result, you will hear the rackling sounds of shellac records, a caressing clothes-brush, some fingertips on greaseproof paper, as well as swinging coat hangers on the night train to Krakow, flat-wound strings on a big guitar and above all, a gentle and silky voice. Bobby and Blumm feel the influence of the following records: Stina Nordenstam, People Are Strange, Nico, Chelsea Girl, Juana Molina, Tres Cosas, David Grubbs, Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange and The Best Of Burt Bacharach.