Bodycode - Conservation Electric Charge - 2x LP Vinyl

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Conservation Electric Charge
12" Vinyl


Garnering attention as a purveyor of the finest minimal-house under his Portable moniker for ~scape records, Alan Abrahams (originally from South Africa but now a fully subscribed Europhile) has decided to magnify the dancefloor orientated aspects of his sound and bottle the nectar under the Bodycode appellation. Apparently borne from necessity when Abrahams found himself playing live and required some cuts that would fair better in a club environment, Bodycode sees a plethora of looped beats becoming incrementally corrupted through a seasoning of more loops and sonic flourishes - resulting in a record that is strangely hypnotic and doubly virulent. Kicking things off with 'Nanotechnology', Abrahams concocts an aural blast that wouldn't look out of place as a sand-blasted Prefuse reincarnation; as a sliced female vocal is consumed by steely beats and a ratchet inducing bass kick. From here we're delivered into the path of 'I, Data' wherein some claggy tech is given an aquatic undertow that recalls John Tejada's Plug Research output, before the epic 'Hands Free Computer Interface' gets nervous through some disrupted electro and skittering upper level. Elsewhere, 'Gene Patch' comes the closest to his Portable output, 'Bounce Back' is an appropriately rubber-coated bluster of metallic beats, whilst 'Equidistant' chucks everything into the mix and comes out smiling. Closing on the gymnastics of 'World Without End' (the kind of track stereo was invented for), Bodycode is a record that would sound great in a club, but has the strength to withstand headphone scrutiny.

A1 Hands Free Computer Interface A2 World Without End B1 Bounce Back B2 Local Traffic C1 I, Data C2 Gene Patch D1 Equidistant D2 Nanotechnology

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