Bones & Beeker - Inside A Different Mind - 12" Vinyl

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Inside A Different Mind
Bones & Beeker
12" Vinyl


In November 2015, the Minneapolis duo Bones & Beeker—consisting of singer-songwriter Anthony Newes and producer/multi-instrumentalist BK-One—quietly released a self-titled gem of a debut. Hip-hop producer BK-One (aka Brendan Kelly) had previously spent years on the road as the touring DJ for Rhymesayers MC Brother Ali. So after releasing his own album, BK-One reached out to Ali and other friends to help craft a hip-hop EP out of source material from the Bones & Beeker record.

First on board was DJ extraordinaire Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5), who is about to drop his own album, Die Cut, and is currently supporting it on a North American tour. On the “World Behind” remix, Cut Chemist channels turntable elders Double Dee & Steinski and offers a funky retake with massive, moving drums.

Minneapolis neighbor and Rhymesayers affiliated rapper P.O.S. steps up to drop a verse on the funky favorite “Each Time I Die.” P.O.S., a Doomtree Collective member, has just dropped his own album, Chill, Dummy, out now on Doomtree.

Minneapolis Afro-futurist collective ZULUZULUU—one of BK-One’s favorite bands—could be considered kindred spirits with Bones & Beeker, as both groups ditch convention and move to the beat of their own drums. ZULUZULUU takes on “Wind-Up Dolls” and starts from scratch, recording their own blissed-out take.

Acclaimed Rhymesayers rapper Brother Ali sprinkles the sauce on the fan-favorite track “Heartbroken in Love”—the original song was recently licensed for the Netflix series Easy.

Coming off his critically acclaimed album, 2017’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (Mello Music), Open Mike Eagle blesses the BK-One re-edit of “A Song for Al’s Dead Mother.” A Chicago native and friend of the Doomtree Collective, Open Mike Eagle now resides in Los Angeles as a member of Project Blowed.

Superblack has got the beats. Famed De La Soul producer Prince Paul, rapper/drummer J-Zone, and ego trip co-founder (and man-of-many talents) Sacha Jenkins joined forces to mess around with music. They remix the B&B single “Lupine,” focusing on the raw drums that ground and move forward the art and culture that is hip-hop.
A1World Behind (Cut Chemist Remix)
A2Each Time I Die (Re-Do) (Featuring P.O.S)
A3Wind Up Dolls (Reimagined By ZULUZULUU)
B1Heartbroken In Love (Featuring Brother Ali)
B2A Song For Al's Dead Mother (Re-Edit Featuring Open Mike Eagle)
B3Lupine (SUPERBLACK Remix)