Borko - Celebrating Life - 12" Vinyl

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Celebrating Life
12" Vinyl


Celebrating Life is the first full-length release from Icelandic artist Bjorn Kristiansson and reflects a life in music full of experiences. The oldest of these eight tracks are up to six years old, and Morr label-head Thomas Morr has been their eager and attentive listener. How does a punch in the belly sound? Kristiansson has written a song about it called "Spoonstabber," where you'll hear an elegiac Tetris, encapsulated by delaying beats, tumbling samples, guitars, trumpets and a melody that goes on for an eternity. Borko -- who also works as a musician for film and theater as well as a music teacher at a primary school in Reykjavik -- expresses melancholy and nostalgia through rhythm-machines. His songs can reach dramatic heights with climbing melodies, as well as play up the stoicism of repetition and modulation. His work at the laptop and mixing desk live on stage have helped fuel his inspiration as well as childhood prog rock LPs, Jim O'Rourke's ear and electronica's warmth. Kristiansson also enumerates more: "I'm very influenced by loads of great musicians in the music scene here in Iceland. I'm inspired by the kids in the school where I work. I'm inspired by good people. I'm inspired by bad people. I'm inspired by the music I listen to from time to time. I'm inspired by happiness. I'm inspired by sadness. I'm inspired by the sun and the snow. I'm inspired by crazy after parties. I'm inspired by good food. I'm inspired by alcohol. I'm inspired by mirror balls. I'm inspired by noises." Sounds as if Borko is grateful to a lot of people for Celebrating Life. But this album also pays it back again and again.

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