Brian Eno - Film Music 1976-2020 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Brian Eno
Film Music 1976-2020
12" Vinyl


Aside from his productions for mega-selling stars like David Bowie and Coldplay, or his Windows start-up jingle, Brian Eno's work has received its greatest exposure through film and television. While his earlier Music for Films releases included pieces originally intended as imaginary soundtracks, many of which ending up being used later, Film Music 1976-2020 is more like a greatest-hits compilation of his most memorable cinematic appearances. This includes everything from atmospheric pieces used in early Derek Jarman films to somber cues for the British crime series Top Boy, as well as material which found its way into the occasional blockbuster, like Heat or Trainspotting. There are also a few art-pop songs scattered about, including the sensuous, slightly over-long "Under" (from 1992's Cool World) and a placid yet still genuine and affecting cover of William Bell's classic Stax lament "You Don't Miss Your Water" (from 1988's Married to the Mob). The only other recognizable voice to appear on the release is that of Bono, who pops up for exactly one line ("Time shoots on by") during "Beach Sequence," a tranquil drifter by U2 and Eno's short-lived Passengers side project. "Reasonable Question," from 2020's We Are as Gods (a documentary about Whole Earth Catalog editor Stewart Brand), has a scintillating melody and jittery IDM beats, and is easily the most exciting, kinetic track here. "Ship in a Bottle," co-written by Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams and featured in 2009's The Lovely Bones, is a simple but powerful weightless piece with a gorgeous melody. "Prophecy Theme," from David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Dune (and the only piece from its score that wasn't by Toto), is haunting and dramatic without being bombastic. Two highlights from Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks are included, with the ambient country daydream "Deep Blue Day" chosen due to its appearance in Trainspotting, and the sublime "An Ending (Ascent)" logically closing out the set. Overall, the collection sums up Eno's gift for creating evocative music which enhances cinematic scenes, yet works as enjoyable and compelling material on its own.
A1Top Boy (Theme)
A2Ship In A Bottle
A3Blood Red
A5Decline And Fall
B1Prophecy Theme
B2Reasonable Question
B3Late Evening In Jersey
B4Beach Sequence
C1You Don't Miss Your Water
C2Deep Blue Day
C3The Sombre
C4Dover Beach
D1Design As Reduction
D2Undersea Steps
D3Final Sunset
D4An Ending (Ascent)

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