Bullwackies All Stars - Dub Unlimited - LP Vinyl

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Dub Unlimited
Bullwackies All Stars
12" Vinyl


Magnificent dub album out originally on the Senrab label in 1976 -- another great reissue in the string of classic Wackies albums that have been re-released by Berlin dub-techno duo Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, as part of their reissue series of the complete Wackie's catalog. This record captures the time when Lloyd Barnes sparred at the desk with Prince Douglas and Jah Upton, in the first months of the White Plains Road headquarters. The selection commemorates a series of brilliant sevens and twelves on labels like City Line and Wackies, and sister labels like Upton, Versatile, and Munchie Jackson's Earth imprint. Core rhythm tracks from Jamaica -- Treasure Isle mostly, mixed by Tubby -- had been worked over at the Sounds Unlimited studio on E 24th Street in Manhattan. Baba Leslie's dry and crisp instrumental "Black Horns," is placed over Wayne Jarrett's "African Woman" mantra -- and is spun into the opening track, entitled "Black Heart Dub." The Love Joys are like genies in the stunning twin mixes of disco reggae. The track "Dub Unlimited" uses bits of John Clarke's "Pollution" (Unlimited Dub's singjay version of the Ali-Frazier "Thriller In Manilla"); "Bullwackies Revenge" is a version of the Chin Chow rhythm, a tribute to the restaurant next door; the Chosen Brothers' "Talk To The Father" is represented, as well as Andrew McCalla's "Home By The Sea." This is the smoothest dub album you'll ever run across.

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