Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap (Mispress) - 2x LP Colored Vinyl

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Acid Rap (Mispress)
Chance The Rapper
12" Vinyl


mispress in a plain black jacket, unsealed and on purple/red vinyl - priced to move! The B & D sides are switched up on this pressing - side D is pressed onto the flip of side A (where side B is supposed to be), and side B is pressed onto the flip of side C (where side D should be). Record label placement does not reflect this - so side B has the label of side B, but the music/tracklisting of side D.

Acid Rap isn’t trying to be an alternative; it’s an attempt to encompass everything. There are shout outs, musical or lyrical, to practically every important Chicago tradition short of Thrill Jockey. It invites elements of classic soul, juke, gospel, blues-rock, drill, acid jazz, house, ragtime scat, and R. Kelly, Twista, and a young Kanye to the same open mic poetry night, where the kid on-stage is declaiming about what’s going unreported. Its genius is that he somehow makes this work.

The structure is as expansive and freewheeling as any strange trip. Acid Rap is a less about the attempt to break on through than a way of describing the hallucinatory shades, transitory revelations, and cigarette burns of the journey. You can get off or on the bus at any juncture. There is no ideology or orthodoxy. No arbitrary binaries between conscious or gangster, apostle or agnostic. Freaks and free thinkers are accepted. Chance understands that those who are frightening are often frightened, too. He comes off as a guy who could find something in common with anyone but a high school principal.

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