Charles Walker & The Dynamites - Love Is Only Everything - LP Vinyl

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Love Is Only Everything
Charles Walker & The Dynamites
12" Vinyl


Since their last release, Charles Walker & The Dynamites have spent two years in a furor of worldwide touring. Four tours of Europe, three of Australia, and virtually every weekend stateside spent "gettin' up in the morning and making the world a funkier place," to quote their nightly show-opening monologue mantra, account for their soul-sending whereabouts since the release of "Burn It Down." Along the way, through the hard forge of touring and a healthy evolution, The Dynamites has grown from a neck-jerking, backbone-slipping high octane funk/soul freight train to a well-rounded soul machine playing to its front man's greatest strengths. (with plenty of high octane backbone-slipping still in there, don't worry).

Also during that time, resulting from many seemingly destiny-laden chance meetings with Bettye LaVette on the festival circuit, Charles reconnected with his fellow soul music veteran, whose story had in many ways continued to unfold parallel to his. Now, both come together in this new century, for the first time on a recording, to display their incredible, ageless talents and powerful facilities as true soul music veterans in top form.

Charles Walker continues his age-defying prowess, at the top of his powers. The Dynamites continue their relentless commitment to the greatest, most positive and celebratory musical art form in America. And together, they continue to passionately deliver the word here and abroad.

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