Christian Kleine - Real Ghosts - LP Vinyl

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Real Ghosts
Christian Kleine
12" Vinyl


This is the story of Christian Kleine, someone who is famous for his electronic music. Be it on his own or as a member of Herrmann & Kleine, Christian and his PowerBooks formed an entity. They still do, but for a long time, other instruments have been living in his studio. Instruments that were there long before he bought his first computer. Maybe this is one of the reasons why it took 18 months for him to complete his new, second full-length. Among other things, Real Ghosts is a meditation on Christian's musical roots. Not a restart, not a sudden denial of electronic music. The time was just right to get out the guitars again. 'I always played guitar, I simply did not record it very often. This is new. For Real Ghosts, I used whatever instruments were available. Guitar, bass, harmonica or computers.' The most obvious change is indeed Christian's focus on his guitar-playing. Real Ghosts is a real rocker. Distorted walls of guitars, head-nodding beats and the deepest, fattest basslines make Real Ghosts a completely different story, open up a complete new world. Take a track like 'Ghostwriting' for instance, where the synthesizer is simply overrun by loud guitars and precise flageolett-figures, gains ground again in an ongoing fight. This short track sums up the two sides of Real Ghosts: lush atmospheres and grounded directness. Christian Kleine combines these two elements like no one else. Sometimes is it good when things take a little longer. And maybe ghosts need more time to develop, anyway.