Christopher Willits - Tiger Flower - LP Vinyl+CD

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Tiger Flower
Christopher Willits
12" Vinyl


When last we heard from Christopher Willits he was releasing his Plants And Hearts EP from Room40 and co-authoring the Line album, Listening Garden, with Taylor Deupree. Both these releases were back in 2007 and converged on te more experimental end of the laptop/guitar melder's art. Now returning to Ghostly International with a follow-up to his Surf Boundaries album, Willits opens up his sound to include some of the poppier tendencies of his repertoire. First track, 'Portal' introduces us to a kind of digitised dream-pop that solidifies as it transitions over to the disarmingly song-like 'Sun Body', a piece featuring sliced-up drums and vocals as well as WIllits' layered, granulated guitar sound. This album covers an incredible amount of ground over the course of its fifteen tracks, juggling squelchy, beat-oriented fare like 'Plant Body' one moment' only to absorb Reich-ian repetitions on 'The Hands Connect To The Heart' the next. Classic Willits folded guitar passages tumble from 'You Are Always Surrounded By Stars' and the step-filtered miniature of 'Subconscious Transmission', while 'Light Into Branches' is a kind of futuristic hippy-folk vignette. A strong return from this talented guitarist and producer, Tiger Flower Circle Sun is one of the most intriguing and experimental releases on Ghostly for some time.
1 Portal 1:30
2 Sun Body 3:36
3 Sunlight Is You 1:25
4 Green Faces 3:37
5 Uplifting The Streets 3:51
6 Plant Body 2:49
7 New Life 3:12
8 The Hands Connect To The Heart 5:39
9 The Heart Connects To The Head 3:01
10 Intend-Evolve 1:32
11 You Are Always Surrounded By Stars 3:38
12 Subconcious Transmission 1:36
13 Light Into Branches 3:32
14 Branches Into Flowers 0:46
15 Flowers Into Stardust 5:42

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