City Girls - Girl Code - LP Vinyl

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City Girls
Girl Code
12" Vinyl


The Miami duo’s new album builds on the strengths of their recent mixtape with speaker-rattling songs about pleasure, power, and strong women unapologetically getting their own way. G I R L C O D E replicates the winning formula of their mixtape Period: speaker-rattling Southern beats, how-to pointers for scheming on rich men, anthems for defying haters and broke boys. Post-Period, JT and Yung Miami secured a feature on a No. 1 hit, among other feats, making them the latest rap sensation from the Atlanta label Quality Control. But ahead of their first opus, like their labelmates Migos, they’ve been overcoming legal obstacles.

On “Intro (#FREEJT),” they address the situation in characteristically defiant terms. The track begins with an incoming call from JT, who is in federal prison for fraud. “Lord knows that I miss her,” admits Miami, “But I'ma hold this shit down for my sister.” Later, JT backs her up: “Get they asses, Miami, don’t let up on ’em hoes.” Their show of sisterhood against the odds is a rare glimpse of vulnerability on an ego-driven tale. G I R L C O D E has no time for feelings. Here, pleasure is non-negotiable, money is power, and being a woman in control is key for survival.

Miami and JT are upfront about sex but have different rules of engagement. Take “On the Low,” which could be a course on risky text messages. Miami wants sex in transit (“I need brain on the train/Let's leave stains on the plane”) while JT prefers nights in and no trace of her escapades on Instagram (“You ain’t on my page, but you in my guts”). When it comes to love, however, their guards are up. The moody “Give It a Try” features a sprung Jacquees, but they dismiss the singer’s begging. “I kinda wish I had time for it, but that love shit not important,” Miami raps, while JT is even more unforgiving: “All men the same, all they ass do is lie.”
A1Intro (#FREEJT)
A2On The Low
A3Panties An Bras
A6Broke Boy
A7Act Up
B1Clout Chasin'
B2Give It A Try
B4What We Doin
B5Trap Star

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