Cliff Martinez - Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2x LP Colored Vinyl

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Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cliff Martinez
12" Vinyl


2017 repress on gold vinyl - Dark, seductive, and decidedly slick, Cliff Martinez’s score for neo-noir thriller Drive is a law unto itself as well as a milestone in modern composition. Set in the bustling streets of Central Los Angeles, the film recounts the tale of an unnamed Hollywood stunt performer (Ryan Gosling) who moonlights as a hired getaway driver. Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn provides a compelling insight into the criminal underbelly of L.A., defusing this tension with the charming “will they/won’t they” relationship between the Driver and his neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan). Martinez responds with an endearing retro-futurist score realised using 80’s replica plug-in synthesisers. Drive is coated in a minimalistic ambience of dissonant strings, metronomic shivers and synth-driven drones. Martinez manipulates these sounds in order to mimic the vibrant lifestyle of the Driver. The result is a gripping electronic soundtrack, reflective of the action but never intrusive.
A1–Kavinsky & LovefoxxxNightcall4:20
A2–Desire (16)Under Your Spell3:53
A3–College Feat. Electric YouthA Real Hero4:28
A4–Riz Ortolani Feat. Katyna RanieriOh My Love2:50
A5–The Chromatics*Tick Of The Clock4:48
B1–Cliff MartinezRubber Head3:09
B2–Cliff MartinezI Drive2:04
B3–Cliff MartinezHe Had A Good Time1:37
B4–Cliff MartinezThey Broke His Pelvis1:58
B5–Cliff MartinezKick Your Teeth2:40
C1–Cliff MartinezWhere's The Deluxe Version?5:33
C2–Cliff MartinezSee You In Four2:38
C3–Cliff MartinezAfter The Chase5:26
C4–Cliff MartinezHammer4:44
D1–Cliff MartinezWrong Floor1:31
D2–Cliff MartinezSkull Crushing5:58
D3–Cliff MartinezMy Name On A Car2:19
D4–Cliff MartinezOn The Beach6:35
D5–Cliff MartinezBride Of Deluxe3:57

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