Cliff Martinez - Only God Forgives (Music From The Motion Picture) - 2x LP Vinyl

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Only God Forgives (Music From The Motion Picture)
Cliff Martinez
12" Vinyl


Though Cliff Martinez was already an established film composer thanks to works like his scores to Steven Soderbergh's sex, lies, and videotape and Traffic, his music for Nicholas Winding Refn's 2011 hit Drive earned him a new level of recognition. He reteams with Refn for 2013's Only God Forgives, a tale of corruption, sexual deviance, and familial intrigue set in Thailand. Just as Martinez depicted a nihilistic Los Angeles with his Drive score, here he incorporates pan-Asian sounds to create a world that is equally dreamy, sleazy, and menacing, particularly on the percussion showcase "Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother" and the deceptively alluring pop of Vithaya Pansringarm's "Can't Forget" and Rhatha Phongam's "Falling in Love." Elsewhere, Martinez conjures very different but equally oppressive forms of claustrophobic dread on "Do as Thou Will," which buzzes and simmers with Bernard Herrmann-esque strings, and "Wanna Fight," where synth arpeggios and a blaring pipe organ carry an almost apocalyptic weight. Martinez's music for this movie might not be as iconic as his Drive score, but Only God Forgives still finds him at the peak of his powers.
A1 -Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi Only God Forgives
A2 -Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
A3 -Cliff Martinez Chang And Sword
A4 -Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi & City Of Prague Philharmonic, The Chang Vision
A5 -Cliff Martinez Do As Thou Will
A6 -Cliff Martinez, Mac Quayle & Vithaya Pansringarm ลืมไม่ลง (Can't Forget)
B1 -Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi Crystal Checking In
B2 -Cliff Martinez & City Of Prague Philharmonic, The More Hands
B3 -Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi Sister Part 1
B4 -Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi & Mac Quayle Leave My Son In Peace
B5 -Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi & Rhatha Phongam ใจอ่อน (Falling In Love)
C1 -Cliff Martinez & Mac Quayle Take It Off
C2 -Cliff Martinez Crystal And The Bodybuilders
C3 -Cliff Martinez & Gregory Tripi Ladies Close Your Eyes
D1 -Cliff Martinez & Mac Quayle Bride Of Chang
D2 -Cliff Martinez Wanna Fight
D3 -Proud* เธอคือความฝัน (You're My Dream)

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