Cliff Martinez - Solaris OST - LP Picture Disc Vinyl

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Solaris OST
Cliff Martinez
12" Vinyl


This is for the picture disc version. An ambient classic, and one of Martinez's best soundtracks ever!!

First time on vinyl. 3 different pressings -- black vinyl, white vinyl, pic disc - each with its own unique sleeve art. Second Cliff Martinez release from Invada following the success of `Drive'. The soundtrack to the acclaimed 2002 Steven Soderbergh motion picture, starring George Clooney.

"Solaris. It is one of the few soundtracks of mine that I can still stand to listen to. I also think it was a score that made the greatest contribution to the film for which it was written." Cliff Martinez

In December 2013, Invada will release on vinyl for the very first time, Cliff Martinez's cult original score to the 2002 film `Solaris'. Hailed as one of the most influential modern soundtracks, this is a hugely important project for Invada, and they are proud to be continuing their relationship with Cliff Martinez after releasing the `Drive' soundtrack last year.

This is the original soundtrack to the acclaimed 20th Century Fox motion picture `Solaris', released in 2002, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring George Clooney. Soderbergh says on Martinez's pivotal role and his score, "I relied on it not only to unify the film emotionally, but to import actual narrative information."

Previously only released on CD, composer Cliff Martinez's (`Drive', `Spring Breakers', `Contagion', `Traffic') strikingly atmospheric score will be released by Invada on customised black vinyl, white vinyl and picture disc with three different album artworks.

Described by BBC Music as "A brooding slow, meditative work" and a musical journey that "leaves the listener floating free" by, `Solaris' is a thoughtful, evocative and highly seductive score that still fully resonates with the listener more than a decade after it was first released.

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