Coil Presents Black Light District - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room - 2x LP Colored Vinyl

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Coil Presents Black Light District
A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room
12" Vinyl


blue vinyl version - During the transitional period in which Coil’s primary leadership (Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and John Balance) reorganized their creative direction by taking on new membership in the group through their inclusion of Drew McDowall, Coil took a drastic turn towards the metaphysical unknown. Employing the subtle handiwork of Coil’s “real life” members, as well as cleverly guised aliases and spiritual collaborators, the band chose to filter their identity through a the nome de guerre, Black Light District, setting the precedent of Coil’s future exploration of otherworldly influence.

Recorded during the Winter of 1995/96, Black Light District leans more on their formal avant-garde pursuits and academic interests rather than their industrial pedigree resume. Starting off with an obvious nod to John Cage with their introductory “Unprepared Piano”, the tone is prepared in exactly the same way… unpredictable. Conceptually abstract, Black Light District shows Coil’s old guard disregarding the pop rhythms found on previous albums, such as Love's Secret Domain, and fully embracing their experimental electronic trajectory. Subtle patterns of looping melancholy and malaise are placed delicately underneath ghostly electronic timbre. Approaching their creative method as something from the beyond, another realm in which sounds blur and performers seemingly appear from the ether.

Remastered by engineer Josh Bonati and supervised by Coil's Drew McDowall, Worship The Glitch is expanded onto double vinyl LP and packaged within a matte gatefold jacket with a replica vellum track listing insert and sticker. The compact disc edition in a matte card stock digipack with redesigned packaging.
A1Unprepared Piano1:43
A2Red Skeletons7:33
A3Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück10:24
B1Refusal Of Leave To Land7:28
B2Stoned Circular I4:26
B3Stoned Circular II7:07
C1Green Water5:26
C2Cold Dream Of An Earth Star8:58
D1Blue Rats3:11
D2Scratches And Dust0:52
D3London's Lost Rivers7:39