Crypticz - Transition Of Eye - 2x LP Vinyl

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Transition Of Eye
12" Vinyl
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Having been a part of the mainstay of Cosmic Bridge artists since 2017’s ‘Forever’ EP, Crypticz returns to Cosmic Bridge in 2022 with ‘Transition Of Eye’, a long-form body of work formed over countless hours of detailed sonic sculpting.

Jordan Parsons' Crypticz project has been a highlight for many a dedicated fan of electronic sound system music for the past 10 years or so. He has cultivated a sonic identity that is worthy of true individual recognition and with this LP he expresses a rarely convincing sense of completeness and maturity gained through years of development both musically and personally having faced challenges both inside and out of the studio, shaping ‘Transition Of Eye’ into a rich, honest and well-balanced album.

‘Transition Of Eye’ is a fine example of the producer as storyteller, touching on the themes of loss, yearning, death and reflection on self as well as leaning into the dancefloor space in moments of reflective euphoria with tracks like ‘I Think I’m In Love With Living Again’. The echoes of Junglism are reflected upon with the masterful breakbeat manipulations found in ‘Prophet’ and the parting shot of ‘Who knew It Would All Come To This’.

The weightlessness of ‘So In Love With You’ and ‘Part Disappear’ and ‘You Gave Me Everything’ appear as welcome contrast to the dense soundscapes found in ‘Emerald’ and ‘Our God The Sun’ completing a broad and detailed sonic account of an intense window of time in Jordan’s life.

Sonically the project covers all the angles Jordan is known for including his own take on sub-heavy breakbeat, footwork, and halftime-feel dnb inspired productions, whilst introducing a new sense of vulnerability and maturity that is rarely expressed in these musical worlds in such a convincing way.

The album features a collaboration with vocalist Maya Bruce with ‘Through Waterfalls’ and Jordan himself delivers the vocal prose on the starkly vulnerable ‘Death’

‘Transition Of Eye’ is a bold statement from a young creative mind that challenges the pre-conceptions of both what Crypticz and Cosmic Bridge are known for.
A1The Soundboy Tears
A2Through Waterfalls (feat. Maya Bruce)
A3So In Love With You
C1Part Disappear
C3Our God The Sun
D1You Gave Me Everything
D2I Think I'm In Love With Living Again
D3Who Knew All Those Years Ago It Would Come To This...