Cut Copy - Free Your Mind - 2x LP Vinyl +CD

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Free Your Mind
Cut Copy
12" Vinyl
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Cut Copy never sounded like a band that had a problem getting to the point. Nor did they ever sound like a band that needed a serotonin boost. Yet, even "Lights & Music", "Need You Now", "Hearts on Fire", "Take Me Over" and just about any of the Australian quartet's uniformly excellent and directly-titled singles can sound wishy-washy and kinda dark in the face of Free Your Mind, its Successories screen-saver album cover and Dan Whitford's claim that the title refers to a freedom that's "universally positive and timeless." Maybe Cut Copy were hippies all along, and whether you think that's progress or a serious regression, Free Your Mind is at least a sensible continuation of their trajectory from the cosmopolitan, club-friendly and DFA-affiliated In Ghost Colours to the breezier, more festival-ready 80s pop of Zonoscope. But there's a difference between freeing your mind, losing your mind and just flat-out shutting it down. And you just wish Cut Copy left even something to the imagination, as their most overtly fun and least dynamic music restates the obvious over and over again throughout Free Your Mind.
1 (Intro) 0:20
2 Free Your Mind 4:57
3 We Are Explorers 4:17
4 Let Me Show You Love 5:55
5 (Into The Desert) 1:28
6 Footsteps 4:42
7 In Memory Capsule 4:38
8 (Above The City) 0:31
9 Dark Corners & Mountain Tops 5:06
10 Meet Me In A House Of Love 6:09
11 Take Me Higher 5:51
12 (The Waves) 0:44
13 Walking In The Sky 3:32
14 Mantra 2:15