Daedelus - Axe Murderation Remixes - 2x LP Vinyl

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Axe Murderation Remixes
12" Vinyl


Named after the mythic character of Greek legend, Daedelus (aka Alfred Weisberg-Roberts) shares more with his namesake than mere appellations - with both famed for their ability to craft beautiful objects from whatever materials were at hand. Whilst this stood the old-skool Daedelus in good stead for designing the minotaur's labyrinth, our modern day version has turned his hand to the art of music - making a series of albums that combine styles and genres in a fuzzy coalition that never becomes unfocussed. Taking a short recording of a girl waxing lyrical about her nefarious intentions for a canine companion, new album 'Axe-Muderation' then sees Daedelus drafting in a load of mates (Aaron Funk, Eight Frozen Modules and Phthalocyanine amongst them) to remix the track he sculpted from the source discourse. Pressed onto thick double vinyl, 'Axe-Murderation' opens through Alfred's original - wherein the dubious vocal is twisted full-circle by Daedelus' quaggy breaks and lurching force. Resculpting it in their own image, all of the versions sound much as you'd expect (and hope!), with Eight Frozen Modules editing the arse out of the source, Phthalocyanine battering the hatches with machine-gun vocals and old-skool rave stabs, whilst Jason Potratz indulges his avant-elbow to enjoyable effect. The only artist to flip the preconceptions is Aaron Funk, as Venetian Snares lay of the caffeine for a mood-enhancing set of sunshine melodies. Axe Minster!
A1 Cuts Like An Axe (Eight Frozen Modules Remix) Remix - Eight Frozen Modules
A2 Fstab (Gerald Wenzel Remix) Remix - Gerald Wenzel
B1 Axe Murderation (Jason Potratz Remix) Remix - Jason Potratz
B2 I Don't Like You (Libythth Remix) Remix - Libythth
C1 Shape Axed From The Backdrop Of Shape (Phthalocyanine Remix) Remix - Phthalocyanine
D1 Girl/Boy As Performed By Selkirk Retard Orchestra For The Daughters Of Asexual Lithium Addicts (Venetian Snares Remix) Remix - Venetian Snares
D2 Axe Murderation

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