Dakar & Grinser - Triumph of Flesh - 2x LP Vinyl

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Triumph of Flesh
Dakar & Grinser
12" Vinyl


This is the second release from Christian Kreuz and Michael Kuhn (aka Dakar & Grinser) on Disko B. Their hot-selling debut recording, Are You Really Satisfied Now?, exploded onto the electronic scene in 1999. Shortly after its release the album was licensed by Virgin, the duo made the Italian charts with the single "Stay With Me" and the entire album, in particular the Stooges' cover "I Wanna Be Your Dog," provided the ignition for what later became categorized and hyped as "electro-clash." After a six-year hiatus, the two crossed paths once again, and now they finally have their Triumph Of Flesh. The first single, "25 Reptile," received such reviews as "electro-pop dragged through the rock gutter..." (Mixmag) and "a dirty after-hours electrohouse vocal track..." (Update). From here it was already clear in which direction the journey was headed: D&G returned hous-ier, funk-ier and bass-ier. The old roughness gave way to an album produced with more luminance of sound, obviously still incorporating many typical Dakar & Grinser sounds, such as the unmistakable, dark voice of Dakar. The second single, "Making A Slip," which, thanks to the singer Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi, WMF), has a real soul touch and, along with the tracks "Sick At Heart" or "Wild Romance," are closest to the old electro-punk tradition. In contrast, songs like "Triumph Of Flesh," "Queen Of Bang" or the Ian Dury cover "Inspiration" would enrich any open-minded house set. The dub-instrumental, "Betting On The Muse," along with the dark electro track "Dreams, Drugs & Nightmares" and "Come And Get Me," which is arranged in a cut-up minimal style, round up the whole production. "Better Times" must be singled out for its individuality, and could only be defined as "Nashville-Electro-Step.