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Dalek & Ifwhen
12" Vinyl


Side A of the Dalek/Ifwhen 12" features two tracks as performed by Ifwhen, a NYC band who just had their first US release in late 2007. Ifwhen was formed by Merc, a former member of the band All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors who had achieved a significant level of worldwide attention with their three full length records released from '99 - '03.
Ifwhen maintain a formula of manipulated chaos. As if the Velvet Underground were playing King Crimson, Ifwhen entangle layers of musical ideas while maintaining a soothing yet abrasive density. Walls of sound intertwine and overlap through ever changing time signatures. Parts rarely seems to coincide as one would expect. It sometimes sounds as if two or more records are being played at the same time, only to interrupt the illusion of musical anarchy with moments of extreme control. Its as if to remind you that they had a plan all along and that these are indeed "songs". Its not harsh though, they almost seem to hold your hand throughout the whole ordeal with sneaky hooks and dreamy vocals. There may not be any obviously logical way to know where each song will be going so they just want you to trust them - that they will somehow get there.

Side B is the recreation of the same two tracks by Dalek. Calling them "remixes" doesn't quite explain what's happening here. They've ended up with two entirely different experiences from side A. Imagine King Tubby doing Mobb Deep doing Throbbing Gristle and you may end up in the right ball park. Add walls of vocal tracks that could have been the creepiest Bohemian Rhapsody outtakes imaginable and you'd be even closer. These tracks are disturbing and maybe even frightening, though completely intriguing and hypnotic. Powerful and thumping, it absolutely forces you onto one of the heaviest and most twisted rides ever. Don't expect dense layers of noise or extreme distortion. That would have been too easy and obvious. Its slightly minimal though incomparable to most music sharing that name. Nothing like this has ever sounded so violating, sinister and oddly inviting.
A1 Hear Less
A2 No Good Trying
B1 No Good Trying (Deadverse Remix)
B2 Hear Less (Deadverse Remix)

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