Dances With White Girls - New Crack Swing - 12" Vinyl

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New Crack Swing
Dances With White Girls
12" Vinyl


First release on a new label with A&R direction from The Rapture and James Friedman. "Born and raised in Philadelphia, Dances With White Girls has been a musical force in the making since his earliest sonic experiments. The alchemy for this sound happening could be found in grade school drum kits, fledgling rhyme books, block party hits and a booming late 90s hip hop landscape. As a teenager, sounds moved beyond early curiosities and began to form his identity. One fateful night the ingredients came together and Dances saw the future- a 10-hour set by Danny Tenaglia convinced him that he simply needed to make this music. In Dances own words 'Watching Tenaglia, I saw a DJ moving people at the top of his game. I was making music and I wanted the power to move people on that level.' Bringing with him a thick Philly musical pedigree and a newfound supply of New York flash, a string of productions and remixes quickly followed. Work with acts such as Kudu, The Rapture, Team Facelift, Hail Social and The Dead Kids showcased what he had been building since his earliest days. Combining a pounding dark beat with a catchy party vibe; the Dances With White Girls aesthetic spread quickly, far and wide. Likewise DJ sets with heavyweights such as DJ. T, Felix Da Housecat, Busy P and Mstrkft have made Dances a fixture on dancefloors across the city. New Crack Swing is hip hop mentality with house music storytelling. A sound blending raw house and unhinged party anthems. As Dances says himself, from the projects to Pacha, this is thug -house. Not missing a beat, early fans The Rapture were quick to sign him as the first artist on their new imprint Throne of Blood Records. New Crack Swing tells the story of a out of town kid who made New York his oyster, smashing a hole in what dance music has been and can be along the way.
A Girlsbug
B1 Everyone's Got To Make A Living
B2 Took My Love Away